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“Hunger is not a production problem. It’s a distribution problem,” said Lee. “Every farmer that grows any sort of food wants it to end up on the tables of people, right? They don’t want any of it to go to waste. These walls provide the unique poetry of the project. The hardly harnessed material represents the very nature of a fencing wall a divide between what is unharnessed and what is manmade. What is striking is the contrast between the texture of the stone and the white of the smooth facades of the house they become a symbol of a manmade artefact..

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You’re basically stuck with the phone’s default settings. There is also no bloat or unwanted app here. The only ‘extra’ that Lenovo has put inside the Moto E3 Power is a Moto Alert app, that is essentially a safety or SOS feature. SAN BERNARDINO The City Council took action Tuesday to erase an unenforced ban on myriad alcohol products, but the revised alcohol control law still gives city investigators new power to crack down on troublesome liquor stores. The council voted 6 0 in favor of the new law, which includes a process to limit the kinds of alcoholic drinks that problem liquor stores can sell. Data showing a link between the easy availability of “forties” tall cans and other single serve containers of beer and malt liquor to crime was a strong influence in city officials’ pursuit of the new law.

Yikes: ‘The deterioration of Washington’s Metro system could jeopardize federal funding for new transit projects in the area, including a Purple Line light rail system in Maryland and streetcar cheap nfl jerseys networks in Arlington County and the District,’ Katherine Shaver reports in WaPo. Why? ‘In awarding highly competitive funding for new projects, the Federal Transit Administration considers applicants’ ability to maintain their current transit systems. Because governments in Maryland, the District and Northern Virginia are partially responsible for funding Metro, the FTA will weigh the safety and reliability of the Metro system before granting money for new transit lines, transportation planners said.’ And ‘Metro’s long list of safety and infrastructure needs became a sticking point when the FTA initially balked at spending $900 million to help extend the subway to Tysons Corner.