We decided to also

We decided to also share a jumbo chicken fried steak dinner ($9.75), which comes with two sides, gravy and Texas toast. This was our favorite part of the meal. I thought it odd that mashed potatoes aren’t offered; we got fried okra and potato salad as our sides.

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The Spicer children knew their father, like fictional hero Rannalph Junah, had competed against Bobby Jones. They wanted to know more about their father’s golf career. Stuart found me through the Internet and the Tennessee Golf Association. Real flowers are great if you have time for that, but I prefer fake flowers because it easier to find the right fit. You can find them at craft stores or trendy boutiques, like Bebe or Primark. A real crown is a major commitment.

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The trichroic property and rarity of tanzanite also gives the gem a competitive edge in these markets. In India it is a substitute for sapphires, which astrologers believe to have negative properties. Because the retail jewelry network in emerging markets is not as well established as in developed markets, it makes more sense to utilize the strength of current relationships with sightholders to optimize interest in tanzanite.